Climbing is a fantastic way to keep fit by providing a truly full body workout whilst being engaging and fun. Come climb with friends or by yourself and make friends in our proudly inclusive community.

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Bouldering is one of the more accessible ways to get into climbing. No equipment needed other than climbing shoes (which are available for hire) you can climb to your hearts content on walls up to 4.5 meters tall surrounded by state of the art matting. With problems ranging from VB to V7+, there are climbs and routes for all abilities and experience levels.

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Our Tall Walls are 12.5 meters of roped climbing, we have in-situ top ropes, as well as quickdraws along all our routes for leading, in addition to our dedicated overhanging lead section, it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. Our routes are typically graded between french sport grade 4 and 8a so there's always something new to challenge climbers of any skill level!

FROM £10.50

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Coming more than once a week? You could be saving even more money with an Ultimate Climbing Pass! From only £25 you can get access to unlimited climbing throughout all of our centres as well as a host of benefits from free rentals to discounts in our shop and cafe, find out more by clicking learn more now!


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It's ladies night every Monday and Thursday from 7pm! Join in the fun and make friends with an hour of instructed climbing on our Action Walls every Thursday night and a more relaxed social bouldering night on Mondays. Anyone who identifies as female is welcome to join us either evening. We can't wait to meet you and share some fun and great times!



Our Action Walls provide up to an hour of challenging fun thanks to our 23 state of the art auto belays that keep you safe as you climb. Action Walls is a challenging, themed climbing experience, with a variety of unique climbs, challenges, and races, perfect for anyone looking to try out climbing!

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All our activities require waivers for all participants. Please make sure you've signed this before turning up for any activities. If you'll be supervising under 18s or novice climbers on either the bouldering or tall walls you'll also need to fill out a Supervisor Waiver in addition to the individual's waiver.