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Celebrate your student's achievements, and grow their team building, and problem solving skills at the same time! Our School Group sessions run throughout the school day and are now bookable online to increase the convenience of organising trips for your school team!



For our School Groups we're able to offer a wide selection of climbing related activities based on the objectives, and goals you'd like your students to achieve whilst here with us. As a brief overview we have our Action Walls, Bouldering, and Tall Walls. Action Walls is a set of 23 auto-belays; Our Bouldering spreads over 3 areas of our centre and involves climbing without a rope above deep mats; whilst our Tall Walls are 12.5 metre roped climbing walls, using traditional belaying. Learn more about each of our offerings below!

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Our Action Walls are a set of 25 Auto Belay climbs that provide a fun, and accessible option to climbing, with plenty of head to head challenges to engage your students! They're perfect if you and your students are just looking to get as much climbing as possible as our instructors are able to quickly, and safely, clip your students into climbs so everyone's always having fun. They also cater for all abilities, with plenty of introductory climbs for newcomers, or those more anxious, as well as a selection of climbs for those really wanting to push themselves, and everything inbetween!



Our Bouldering is a great way to introduce your students to more traditional styles of holds, and give a more authentic climbing experience. If you're looking for something that's more of a challenge than our Action Walls, yet still lets everyone climb at the same time then this is it! With 3 areas of varying styles of climbing, there's something for everyone.


Standing at 12.5 metres tall, these walls are great fun, and sure to push your students abilities and confidence! Climbers can use any colour hold to get as high as they like, or challenge themselves more by sticking to a certain colour. Meanwhile, your students on the ground will be developing new skills as they'll be belaying, ensuring the climber is safe at all times - a great trust exercise and opportunity for team building.



We have all the paperwork and documents you could dream of! Send our lovely reception team an email to: and they'll get everything sent your way in a jiffy!

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