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Looking for an Alternative Venue for your Business Meetings? Or looking for a Co-Working Office Space with the best break room in Chester? Then look no further; it's time to Climb & Dine your clients!

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Make your next meeting the talk of all your clients and colleagues with our fantastic, professional, yet awe-inspiring venue! With state of the art facilities, and discounts on food, drink, and climbing, this is a cost effective way to make your meeting interesting and memorable. Available between 10:00 - 17:00 everyday, choose to pay for half a day at just £75, or a full day for £150.

£75 1/2 day


Google have a slide... We have a Bouldering Wall (and a slide)! It's official, we offer the coolest Office Space for you to work hard, and play hard! Our professional and affordable co-working space will give you the space and concentration you need to work, whilst our Bouldering Gym gives you a great place to refresh during, or after a long work session. Plus our onsite cafe means you're never too far away from a stimulating brew - especially as we're giving you 50% off all hot drinks whilst you're here!

£14/day  £150/month
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Need a unique, modern, sports location for your upcoming film or TV series? We've got your back! Close to Chester and Liverpool, we're within easy reach of the motorway, with plenty of parking for cast, crew, and trailers. Get in touch with us to arrange a visit, or for more information on what we can do to help your production!




Get a massive 50% off climbing when you use our facilities for your Meetings or Office Based Work! Impress your clients & colleagues with the unique setting only we can provide, or encorporate your gym routine into your work breaks to feel refreshed before getting back to the grind.


All our activities require waivers for all participants. Please make sure you've signed this before turning up for any activities.

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