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We're proud of the extensive range of kids clubs we have on offer! Running throughout the week, and covering all styles of climbing, we're able to cater for everyone, no matter your child's climbing preference or ambitions. Our 2 styles of kids clubs are: NICAS: Climbing, and NICAS: Bouldering. Learn more about the distinctions below!

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NICAS: Climbing is our Kid's Club focused primarily on roped climbing on our Tall Walls! They'll still be elements of bouldering but the focus will be on our Tall Walls, learning the ropes, learning to belay, and working towards the NICAS: Climbing scheme.

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NICAS: Bouldering is our Bouldering focused Kids Club. These clubs follow the NICAS: Bouldering specification and are focused more on developing climbing movement, and technique on shorter, but more technical routes. With plenty of games and group activities, our bouldering clubs are also perfect for those looking for a more social aspect in addition to climbing.



If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at any time! We're lucky to have such a highly experienced and passionate team, happy to help with anything and everything!



All our activities require a parental consent waiver for under 18s. Please make sure you've signed this before turning up for any activities. If you'll be supervising your child's climbing on either the bouldering or tall walls you'll also need to fill out a Supervisor Waiver in addition to the Parental Consent waiver.

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