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Part of an Organised Group looking for something fun, and different to offer your tribe? Climbing is a great option! Perfect for the likes of Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Beavers, Rainbows, and so many more independent organisations!



Our Organised Group offerings run throughout the evening, every weekday, and are bookable online for your convenience! These are one hour long sessions on our coveted Action Walls, and can accomodate up to 25 people at once. They're a great way for your tribe to develop and grow their personal skills, confidence, team building skills, and to earn their badges. With plenty of climbs, ranging in ability from complete beginner to experienced climber, there's something for everyone so your tribe will always be having fun and be engaged throughout the hour!

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Our Action Walls are a set of 23 Auto Belay climbs, these allow everyone in your tribe to take part at the same time! Our instructors clip participants in and out of their climbs to ensure everyone is always safe and having fun. Ranging in difficulty, there's always something to be climbed, and always something to challenge and motivate your tribe!



You'll have exclusive access and use of our Tribe Hangout during your time at our centre. Situated adjacent to our Action Walls, it provides a chill out space for your tribe to gather before and after the session, as well as to store their belongings, or offer a quiet space to retreat to during the activity itself.


We have all the paperwork and documents you could dream of! Send our lovely reception team an email to: and they'll get everything sent your way in a jiffy!

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