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Below you will find most of the frequently asked questions. If there is anything that you’re still unsure of, or cannot find an answer to, feel free to give us a call – 0151 305 6868.


What do I wear?


The best choice for climbing is athletic wear. Whether that be leggings or shorts and vests or shirts is up to you. Skirts/dresses and other loose-fitting clothing are not recommended. We do have a ‘top on’ policy where tops must always be worn in the centre.



How do I get started?


You can book onto one of our beginner courses to learn the basic skills and techniques, or you can show up and have a go – the staff on the front desk will help you get started.

Do I have to book?


We would always recommend booking as it will ensure that there is availability, especially during peak times of the day.



Are there any ropes?


Climbing Hut Ellesmere Port is bouldering only. Bouldering is a style of climbing which is close to the ground, underneath you will be crash matting for your protection. It is important to remember that the matting does not guarantee your safety! If you are looking for roped climbs head over to our sister centre - Climbing Hut Shrewsbury - who have a variety of bottom rope, Lead rope and bouldering available.

How do I get down from the wall?


It is important that you always try and climb down where possible as this will ensure that your decent is safe and controlled. Jumping down has a higher risk to injury as the matting does not guarantee your safety!



Where should I book for my children?


If your child is under the age of 11 you need to book into the boulder zoo. If your child is a mountain goat or over the age of 11 then you need to book into the main area.



How many children can I bring?

This depends on the age of the youngest child. E.G. If you have one child who is under 7 and two who are over 11 then you must follow the ratios for the under 7.

Under 7, 1 Adult = 2 Children

7-10, 1 Adult = 3 Children

Over 11, 1 Adult = 4 Children


How can my child climb in the Main Area?


The Main Area is for 11+, however from ages 7 – 10, you can book a Mountain Goat Induction to be ‘signed off’ and eligible to climb in the main area with appropriate supervision. The session covers safety and etiquette in the main area and includes a short assessment of your awareness and ability. Parents/Guardians are required to attend the session with their child to learn how to supervise them properly at a bouldering wall. Children who are not successful in their assessment will be ‘deferred’, and you can book another induction once you have had more practice for free.



One of my children is a mountain goat but one is not – can we still climb?


If the mountain goat is wanting to use the main area, they can still climb in the Boulder Zoo with the non-mountain goat. If you go into the main area, the non-mountain goat must watch from the side, off the mat. The second possibility is to bring two adults to supervise in separate areas.



Do I have to wear climbing shoes?


If you or your child is climbing in the main area, then climbing shoes are necessary. If you or your child is climbing in the Boulder Zoo, then trainers are perfectly acceptable, unless you’re trying more tricky climbs on smaller holds. Shoes must be correctly fitting and should not be able to fall off the foot. We do have rental shoes for anyone who does not have their own. We highly recommend wearing socks with these.



Do you allow dogs?

We do allow dogs however they must follow our petiquette. Please ensure that they are:

  • clean and flea free

  • house trained

  • will sit, stay, and come on command

  • Does not disturb others by barking

  • Does not jump up or pester other people

  • Is kept off the mats and carpets

  • Stays away from food preparation areas and other people's food



Do you serve food?


We currently stock a delicious selection of cakes, pastries and snacks to fuel your climb.


How long can I stay?


When you purchase a day pass you may stay for the entire day, you may enter and leave as you like.



How do I know what climbs I have yet to complete?


In the centre we have an app called Griptonite the app works both in the Ellesmere Port centre and in the Shrewsbury Centre. The app allows you to log what climbs you have sent in the centre and how many attempts it took you to send it. The app will calculate how many points you have and will add you onto the leaderboard which shows up on the TV on the side of our Boulder kitchen. You can also send in beta videos, and they will show up on our TV.



What is a reset?


A reset is when all the holds are removed from a section of the wall and replaced with new holds in a new variety of routes. The removal of holds is referred to as the strip and this happens every Monday at 12. The replacing of all the holds is referred to as the set which happens every Tuesday morning and opens at 6.30pm

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