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NICAS: Climbing Kids Club

NICAS: Climbing Kids Club

NICAS: Climbing is our Kid's Club focused primarily on roped climbing on our Tall Walls! They'll still be elements of bouldering but the focus will be on our Tall Walls, learning the ropes, learning to belay, and working towards the NICAS: Climbing scheme.

NICAS: Climbing is a nationally recognised award scheme, equivalent to a GCSE when you achieve Level 3. However it's not just that, it's a lot of fun, great exercise, and teaches useful skills such as problem solving, hand eye co-ordination, and of course how to climb safely and skillfully. Our sessions are 1.5hrs long where we primarily cover top roping, but also bouldering, and in later levels, lead climbing.

As part of our Kids Clubs, everything required to climb is included as standard, including climbing shoes, harnesses, and the various belay devices, ropes, and other equipment required to complete the scheme. Of course, you're more than welcome to bring your own equipment, and we do encourage those in the later levels to have their own shoes that tailor to their foot and specific style of climbing.

Please Note: Our online booking system for NICAS: Climbing only allows you to join our Level 1-2 Courses, if you're transfering from a different centre and are above Level 2 NICAS, please email us directly.

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