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Move of the Moment - The Rock Over

Today we’re looking at the classic rock over. This move is one of the most used, and most useful, in climbing. Demonstrated by Ed, we can see his centre of gravity indicated by the yellow circle, and his movement indicated by the blue arrow.

In image 1, Ed sets up for the movement by placing his foot on a higher foothold. His centre of gravity (COG) is still primarily over his lower foot. In order to move his COG, Ed must push his knee sideways, beyond the higher foot.

In images 2 and 3, we can see that Ed pushes his knee past the hold, and slightly downwards, dragging his COG towards the higher foothold. To complete the movement, Ed then allows his lower foot to come off the foothold, shown in image 4, and begins to stand up on the higher leg.

As Ed stands up, as shown in images 4-6, we can see that his COG moves over the higher foothold, enabling him to remain balanced, and complete the move. This move can be completed in at many different levels of difficulty, but is always an effective way of reducing the amount of pulling required from the arms.

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